Until the Angels Come

Upcoming artist Mehkai Orion and 90 Culture have an exhilarating album release called "Until The Angels Come". In addition, their new drop is expecting to come during the lovely month of February on the 13th.

February 14, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

As the holiday of the saints approaches, Mehkai Orion and 90 Culuture’s latest project features symbolism towards the holiday and other celestial concepts.

“I wanted the project to be an emblem for success in terms of the effort that Orion and I have put into this new release for our dedicated fans,” says 90 Culture.

Furthermore, there are features from the likes of The Chief.Rocka RVGOD, The ArtLord Rob Regis, and Antidote.

Correspondingly, Until the Angels Come is a lyrical masterpiece that will keep on you the edge of your seat!

Until the Angels Come is available now on all platforms.

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