Welcome to Kingant’s Palace

A combination of both worlds (between Atlanta and Broward County, FL) upcoming artist Kingant is preparing to release his next project.

October 21, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @kingant954

“My goals as of now is to stay consistent with the music and keep using my words to help others. I make music for myself but when I see it helping others in whatever way they’re going through, that helps me stay consistent and true to myself”, states Kingant.

Although Kingant has an EP called “Dreams2reality” that dropped on Soundcloud in early 2020, he’s preparing to drop his debut mixtape in 2022.

When asked how he felt about social issues, he stated the following…

“I would say poor leadership, at the end of the day you’re bound to be whoever you choose to be but that little push and guidance is something that can motivate a person to be successful, especially in a country that is under pressure due to poor leadership” proclaims Kingant.

Always about music

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