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Detroit, MI artist Yon World has recently dropped his highly anticipated project “ELYON”.

October 13, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @yonworld

“My latest release “ELYON” represents a time in my life where I’m overcoming obstacles and realizing my power. Making smarter decisions and moving in my purpose. The beat sets a tone of victory and revenge, as I navigated through personal success shutting down anybody who doubted me”, explains Yon.

In addition, Yon explains how the benefits of monetization of YouTube has challenged his beliefs on passive income and entrepreneurship. For many content creators, it is a commendable milestone to attain such an achievement.

“YouTube gave me the freedom to create on a consistent basis and monetize my content. Once I realized it was user-friendly, I plummeted myself into a work-frenzy”, states Yon.

Overall, Yon describes how his stage name was created and the significance.

“Growing up my cousin used to call me Yon and when I first started rapping in 2010 I would state it as an adlib on all my music. In 2014 I changed my name to Yon World when I created my YouTube channel”, says Yon World.

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