How XXXTentacion has Influenced a new Generation of Artists

On August 25,2017, Jahseh D. Onfroy (XXXXTentacion) dropped his studio album 17. A couple of years after, he inspired a generation of future artists that would defy the odds.

December 11, 2020 by Alexandria Anglade

Although his past was quite troublesome, many of his fans learned to separate artistry from individualism. “I really love the writing process, no doubt about it. I started seriously I got my start back in 2017-2018 when I listened to XXX. Absolutely hated the guy, hated his vibe and hated his style. I thought he was a horrible person based on what I’d seen and heard.. but for some reason his music stuck to me, says upcoming artist Aleo.

Sometimes, once someone we cherish is truly gone, then empathy and understanding and is truly achieved for that specific individual.

It wasn’t until the day before he died that I started to change my views of him and his music. I found myself relating to a lot of what he was saying and the picture he was painting because life really can be hard like that (Aleo).

“It’s rough out here in the streets.. you tryna make a come up but there’s always that one thing that fucks the whole plan up. Now you’re beat, sitting there like.. fuck bro. When his album came out after he died, I remember sitting in my car with a friend like... I understand you.. and that’s when writing music really hit (Aleo, cont.).”

For many, Jahseh allowed others to create a safe space regardless of their past. In hindsight, that is what majority of his fans adored about him.

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