Our Story

Always erupting.

e·rup·tion /ə'rəpSH(ə)n/nouna sudden outbreak of something, typically something unwelcome or noisy.

Vuulm is a music platform for new artists, and made for listeners to discover new music from emerging talent.

We're building a platform and products to support independent artists and their music journey such as sharing music capabilities, analytics tools for artists/labels, curated original content to showcase their persona, and much more.

We're Curators
Music enthusiasts
Culture Focus
Tech Driven
An Eruption

that's who we are.

Made for creators and listeners. We've identified how they want to listen to new artists, who they want to listen to, and when they want to listen. Our mission is to create a platform that showcases music, artistry, visuals, culture, and brands. Vuulm creators have shown us they want to have the same opportunity as other established artists, and listeners want to hear both.

Vuulmers believe in our brand and our vision.

Always working.


Creating tools to support creators, labels, and listeners.


Sharing music's biggest moments from concerts to listening parties.

Press Relations

We work with many labels, agencies, and independent artists.

For The Culture

Always highlighting moments within the culture.


Staying connected with our audience and trends.

Brand Awareness

Supporting the community and special occasions.

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Always about music.

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