How To Upload My Music or Mixtape on Vuulm

Artists, dj's, producers, and labels have the power to distribute their music everywhere. We encourage all creators to utilize all distribution platforms including Vuulm to get discovered, heards, and grow their fanbase.

July 6, 2020 by Vuulm
Upload my Mixtape
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Creators can create a free account on Vuulm and will have access to insights and reports on their audience, schedule music releases, add purchase links, and add videos to their page for free.

We've designed profile pages for all creators - artists, dj's, curators, and labels. You can edit your profile on our desktop app or mobile app, add your social media, bio, and photos so that listeners can discover and stay connected with you.

Upload your music or mixtape on Vuulm

Our desktop Studio App for Creators supports uploading music to Vuulm that will be published across our platform.

After you have created your free account, click on the "Upload music" button next to your profile photo in the upper-right navigation.

Begin by filling in your album or single information. Save, and continue to upload.

Your new album entry will be in draft status until you upload your artwork and tracks. your music and fill out the form

Next, drag and drop your music into the uploader. We support all music upload types (MP3, FLACC, WAV) and all images types including gifs.

Managing music metadata

After your music has finished uploading, begin by managing your metadata. Vuulm uses music metadata to make recommendations to listeners, prioritize search results, and select songs for our curated playlist.

Publish your music

Next, update your album details. You can add a Youtube video, schedule releases, and add a purchase link to your uploads.

Last, click save and finish. Your music will now be published on Vuulm and available for listening.

Fans will be able to add your songs to a playlist, save them to their favorites, and share them on social media. App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

And, that's it! Simple, easy, and ready to share.

Make sure you stay connected with us on social media or feel free to send us a message at [email protected].

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