AMG Tone's "The Wait is Over" Is A Project You Have To Hear To Believe

Ocean Five signee AMG Tone is straight from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is both the right amount of rapper and the right amount of hustler.

Igniting your Musical Flame with B. Lansky

New York native B. Lansky premieres his latest MV “Girl ”with musician Luna Grey. Which is currently at 22k views on YouTube.

Who is “REUB B.O.¥.”?

For many artists, getting into your creative zone can be a hefty task at times. Especially if you’re recovering from a mental-block.

Rising Artist Online Trapp Has Been Able to Solidify His Sound

Upcoming artist Online Trapp is the latest breakout artist from Cincinnati, OH.

Continuing the Dialogue with JusCam

Upcoming artist JusCam has a heartfelt conversation about mental health in this latest interview.

Entering the World of ZTAR MAGIC

Pronounced “⭐️ MAGIC”

The Mysterious Life of J3RRY HOMES

The recent NFT craze has been something that has taken the world by a quick uproar as of late.

The Significance Behind Jakkah’s Record Label XXIV

For many artists, it’s considered an achievable feat to have your own record label. As for upcoming artist Jakkah, XXIV Records means everything to him.

Music and Contemplation with Lil Chichi

Orlando, FL artist Lil Chichi takes on the challenges of the music industry in this latest interview.

SacsFifth: The First Female Artist Signed To OceanFive Records

Rising artist SacsFifth is preparing for her breakthrough. Earlier this year, she released three new singles: “Beyonce”, "Came A Long Way", and "Embrace Love”.

The Magic Behind Producing with Eben Elite

Aspiring Memphis producer Eben Elite describes his experiences with producing in this latest interview.

Litoothegreat Gears Up for His Latest Single “When I See You"

Approximately two weeks ago, upcoming artist Litoothegreat dropped his highly anticipated single “When I See You”.

Welcome to Kingant’s Palace

A combination of both worlds (between Atlanta and Broward County, FL) upcoming artist Kingant is preparing to release his next project.

Live in the Flesh with Chaka

Aspiring musician Chaka is set to release her next single “That’s My Attitude” ft. Bubba Jr.

Passion and Music with Godei

When the word “passion” comes to mind it can be deemed subjective to an individual. For upcoming artist Godei, his music is his passion.

Gearing up with J. Maro

Brooklyn, NY artist J.Maro is preparing to drop his next body of work surely soon.

The Meaning Behind Milktastic’s Stage Name

Rising Florida artist Milkman describes the significance behind his alias in this latest interview.

Discovering your Passion with Young Certi

Jaylen Hutton a.k.a Young Certi describes discovering his passion for music and unwrapping new projects in this recent interview.

The Diary of Sasha Beng

In life, there can be many wonders and ideologies that contain metaphors to countless questions. Rising artist Sasha Beng discusses her journey and much more in this latest interview.

Welcome to Yon’s World

Detroit, MI artist Yon World has recently dropped his highly anticipated project “ELYON”.

Going through the Motions with OTD

Aspiring artist OTD goes into detail as to what motivates him and some challenges that he faces navigating through the music industry.

The Art of Videography with Exqlusive

Well-rounded videographer Exqlusive Techniques discusses FBG Duck’s impact on his career, working with Rooga on the GD Anthem, and much more in this latest interview.

Behind Koko’s Background

Koko, an artist originally from Armenia yet raised in Montreal, Canada describes the essential role that music acts in his life.

Apollo Fresh’s Latest Single, Gomu Gomu Bounce

The viral tik-tok sensation behind the anime themed anthem “JoJo Pose”. Broward county native Apollo Fresh is ready to make another hit single after his viral song reached 31 million vie...

Otto Haze and his Musical Talent

Otto Haze, a New Jersey artist discusses his process behind creating music in this latest interview.

The Trend of Spirituality with Jay Activist

For many, spirituality is one of the many coping mechanisms that individuals use for problem-solving within an ideological realm.

Maintaining a Healthy Work Ethic with P Dope

As of recent, upcoming talent act P Dope has been on a roll in terms of productivity with roll-outs.

Meet J FENDI from NYC

Introducing the talented upcoming Harlem, NY artist, J FENDI.

Finding an Identity Through Music with Saucto Pasto

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania artist Saucto Pasto explains how becoming a musician was a epiphany-moment in the making.

A Day In the Life with Lotto Money

South Florida artist LottoMoney describes the adventures that took place as a musician from the town of Davie.

Living in Florida with 2-Fi

South Florida artist, 2-Fi describes some of his best childhood memories playing basketball.

Kam James’ Latest Track, “Only One”

Most recently, Marietta artist Kam James released his highly anticipated single “Only One”.

The Myth of Frank Loot

Houston, Texas artist Frank Loot discusses his passion for songwriting with a new tape Purple Child.

The Life of Rob Wellz

Huntington Station, New York artist Rob Wellz describes the feats of his goals and life as a musician.

The Discussion of Emsee’s MV “Level Up” and More

On June 15, Houston artist Emsee released his latest MV “Level Up”. In this recent interview, he discusses the inspiration behind the theatrical release.

Jaywall’s Latest Single, "Him"(Remix)

As of late, Florida artist Jaywall dropped a single called ‘Him’ (Remix).

From Church Choir to Artist, Meet Treva Holmes

As an artist from Roxbury, Treva Holmes’ earliest memories of his childhood contain images of him playing basketball and football while also attending choir practice.

Coming up in the Game with MTE Kevo

North Miami Beach artist MTE Kevo describes the impact his community had on him and much more in this latest interview.

Discussing Homelessness while Pregnant with KARAMELRICANNXX

KARAMELRICANNXX, a musician from Washington D.C., discusses creating programs within her community for displaced pregnant women.

New Music Accompanying PullUp Tae

DMV artist PullUp Tae is expected to drop his EP “Why Stop Now” and album “Rep The Real”.

Lil Gummy on the Korean Hip-Hop Industry

In Korea, western culture is displayed within their music through hip-hop.

Yung Peso’s Musical Talent

Charlotte, North Carolina artist Yung Peso is set to be one of the top emerging artists out of his state.

The Aspirations of MK Virgo

MK Virgo, an upcoming artist out of Oakland (California) discusses his influences, aspirations, and much more within the music industry.

A Deep Dive with ALX

R&B artist ALX describes his latest adventures within the music industry and what his alias means to him.

The Talented Diego Ave

Diego Ave is thee multi-platinum producer behind smash singles such as V by Korean hip hop creative Jay Park, On God by the upcoming Rap Game contestant Latto, and Okay Yeah! With intern...

Behind the Scenes of Enemy with $ouL

Upcoming artist $ouL dropped his highly anticipated MV ‘Enemy’. Currently, the video has over 16.8k views on Youtube.

How FayzDaTrapr Attained his Stage Name

FayzDaTrapr discusses how he discovered his alias in this latest interview.

Dancing Through Adversity with Broderick “Heartless” Jones

For many, dance can be a form of expression and freedom. Broderick “Heartless” Jones uses his feet as an artist with a paintbrush.

Dubbo Returns with New Single "Beat The Belly Up 2"

Following the success of his latest single, "Valero", Dubbo drops his latest single and video "Beat Up The Belly 2."

Who is OSVN?

Born in Broward County, FL, and raised in Corona Queens, New York, OSVN is a noteworthy hip-hop artist to be on the prowl for.

Catching up with MoneyMonster

New Jersey based artist Money Monster is slowly catching up to the mainstream music scene.

Meet Pompano’s finest, Pawpin

Pompano artist Pawpin is an aspiring hip-hop artist that plans on taking the infamous Broward County as her musical territory.

A Romantic Fall Relaxation with Autumn Phil

Autumn Phil’s February 14 is a serenade for those that are intertwined with their soulmates. In other words, it is an imaginary epiphany that engulfs the concept of an obsession...

Big Bands with Aylek$

Upcoming Brooklyn artist Aylek$, also known as Alexandria Laveglia is preparing to drop her highly anticipated music video Big Bands.

Pushing through boundaries with Trill Will

Universal Music Group newly signed artist Trill Will is pushing the norm by creating a space for authenticity within his craft. As a Hebrew Israelite, Will has collaborated with the like...

The Influence of Hip-Hop with BFM Cooley

During the 1970s a new genre of music was birthed known as Hip-Hop. Today, hundreds of artists have been inspired by this mainstream genre and are actively pursing a career in this spec...

"Sauce it Up" with Symphonic

Las Vegas artist Symphonic, is bringing the heat with his music video Saucin' When I'm Walkin'. His up tempo lyrics will definitely have you laughing out loud!

Emotional Neglect in Relationships with Lordus

Sometimes in relationships, we crave acceptance in times of emotional neglect.

Up Next: Top Female Rappers In 2021

Last year, we did a series that featured female rappers, and it quickly became our most watched video on our channel with over 15K views to date.

The R&B Fairy Princess

Keturah Cumming's voice is best described as a smooth, R&B fairy princess.

Kokaine Karter Releases Highly-Anticipated Project "On Me"

Dallas’s own Kokaine Karter is having a monster year and has released his eagerly anticipated project “ON ME" via Boss Made Entertainment.

Meet Broward’s Upcoming Artist, KG

The upcoming Broward County artist recently dropped a new track “Ouu Shit”. The ensemble features Grindhouse artist, Sailor Santana.

Fuego Blacc Drops His Highly Anticipated Single "Blue Hunnid"

Fuego Blacc is an upcoming songwriter out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Some of his biggest influences throughout his childhood were: Young Jeezy, Future, Migos, T.I., and Jay-Z. Out...

NLE Choppa Releases New Mixtape "From Dark To Light" on His 18th Birthday

The 13-track mixtape "From Dark To Light" features Big Sean and INK.

Ola Runt releases new mixtape "Harder 2 Kill" featuring Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Marlo

Breakout Atlanta artist Ola Runt releases his new project "Harder 2 Kill" just in time for Halloween.

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