QC’s Duke Deuce Releases Official Video for “Nobody Needs Nobody”

Memphis is the hot sound right now, and QC’s Duke Deuce is scorching.

February 10, 2023 by Vuulm

Mixing street rap with vulnerability, Duke Deuce has a penchant for delivering truth in an entertaining way, but speaking on his unbalanced parental relationships with on the second verse of “Nobody Needs Nobody,” the last song on last years Memphis Massacre III.

Duke opens up in away we haven’t seen before.

“Closer to his father but can't say that 'bout his mother / Grew up seeing his mama getting abused that childhood trauma / Following them gangstas got a temper like his uncle / It's all about his come up that turned him to a monster.”

The video is dark an features his doll, Duke means business. He’s not just a cute dance Duke Deuce is a real artist. This is measure by the amount of pain that an artist is willing to share with his fan base. 

The first piece of official content that Quality Control (QC) has released from their reported $300 million sell to HYBE America venture, an acquisition that was quarter backed by Scooter Braun. A deal like this only happens because QC’s culture currency, and roster of talent.

With the Cornerstone and legacy acts, Lil Baby, Migos, Lil Yacthy, City Girls, and now a Duke Duece to usher in the future. 

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