Hardo Walks on “Trapn Off The IPhone” featuring Doe Boy Official Video

Hardo is a standout that we got real familiar with at this past SXSW. We witnessed him perform a set filled with slapper after slapper, one including a verse from a very motivated Icewear Vezzo.

May 19, 2022 by Vuulm
Hardo x Doe Boy - Trapn Off The Iphone

A high concentration of street rap is what he delivers. What I gathered in our enter action with Hardo is that he will always have something up his sleeve. That something is this, “Trapn Off the iPhone” featuringDoe Boy.

On this record Hardo establishes to those with ears, and who are tuned in that he can stand with any fellow street rapper and not only hold his own but shine. Over thudding 808’s and a gnarly piano riff Hardo bats first and walks.

“Hate to see a youngin smile/50 thou to tell the time. Them chickens I can sell them blind/ Them shots I send don’t come wit lime.”

Doe Boy shows up and does what Doe Boy does. Often we see artist who are further a long in their career mail in haphazard verses. That’s not the effort that Doe Boy delivers here. With Hardo, Pittsburg got one. 

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