Alex Vaughn Sings Her Heart Out in “So Be It” Visual

Alex Vaughn may very well have the goods to be your new favorite. If that is the case so be it!

October 12, 2022 by Vuulm
So Be It

Alex Vaughn drops “So Be It,” a mid-tempo track that establishes to a lover that she’s on whatever time he’s on, but just know that she knows that if she did what he did he would be in pieces.

That’s the sentiment, but the voice?!? Sensational!

The LVRN signee (home to 6lack and Summer Walker). Takes a girls night on the town. They head to an empty carnival, ride a roller coaster and jam out in a car. The video is beautifully executed and wonderfully colored. 

“I say that I don’t miss but I do. I say that I don’t care that’s not the truth.” 

Diddy said R&B was dead. It’s obvious that he never heard Alex Vaughn. New talent is the cornerstone of all music. It’s the sole reason we all become music fans. It is the principle reason Vuulm as an app exist. And in R&B we long for the new artists that come in and shake the table.

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