Akeishein Is Claiming Her Throne with “Black Girl Magic”

Hailing from Inglewood California, Akeishein recently released visuals for single “Black Girl Magic,” and she’s paying homage to the trailblazers before her and paving away for the next generation.

April 11, 2022 by Myah
Akeishein - Black Girl Magic

The record is an empowering ode to all Black women, “Black Girl Magic, Black Girl Magic, we can do anything anything, anything.” Akeishein flow is pure poetry calling out the societal tropes that are placed on Black women,

That Black woman angry, she crazy she insane. Thinking of them phrases for me swerving out my lane.

The video finds Akeishein in multiple scenes emphasizing melanated beauty, including vibrant colors and kids at play. The scenes highlightcontrasting stories with more somber verses to address the many dangers Black women face on their journey to fulfil their dreams. 

Akeishein is a cross generational artist prepared to cement her name among heavy hitting lyricists. She grew up in several parts of the world including Okinawa, Japan., so her multifaceted approach to music makes her a standout creator. Influenced by her mother,

Akeishein began her career as a songwriter at an early age and never looked back. Her inspiring messages and vivid word play make her a force and unique voice in music. And with a loyal fanbase of over 20k followers across all platforms, it’s clear Akeishein is unshakeable in her power and we’re here for the journey.

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