Trapland Pat and BIG30 slide in Visual for “D.O.A”

Here at Vuulm, what we love about Trapland Pat is he’s going to deliver the record. It’s literally what he signed up for when he signed his deal with Alamo Records.

June 2, 2022 by Vuulm
Trapland Pat DOA ft Big30

He’s going to go out and put forth the effort, with collaborators that not only shows his promise, but his want to make the best music first and foremost. When he gets with other artists it doesn’t feel like a reach, there is a synergy between the artists he chooses to work with. Yet he wants to show a level of competitiveness on tracks. Trapland Pat belongs in the conversation of new artists to bet on. 

Reconnecting with frequent collaborator PepperJackZoe, who produced recent singles like “Cappin,” “Losses,” and “Trap Dance” and co-produced “D.O.A.” with Hardbody B-Eazy, the new video finds Pat and 30 posting up in the nighttime streets, surrounded by Hellcats and old school Chevys, equipped with rims as large and lustrous as the duo themselves. As the pair cooks up some fire in a food truck, Pat makes it clear that it could very well be the ops’ last supper they’re whipping up: 

Trench warfare, this is where you gotta crawl at/You never get active, what you know about combat?/Know you smoke mid, I can show you where the strong at. 

Alamo Records has a history of finding the rawest of artists,  nurturing them, and showing the world how to break street rappers.

Trapland Pat is going to be more of the same for the label. 

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