Lakeyah Does Lakeyah on No Pressure Pt. 2

Ok, Lakeyah is an artist that we absolutely love here at Vuulm. There is a belief within herself that she possesses that is both rare and refreshing and it just speaks to us.

September 23, 2022 by Vuulm
Photo Credit: Motown Records/Jaden Aiken

Sometimes that belief in one’s self can lead people to feel away about you especially when you’re early in your career. Which may be some of what has stalled her a bit, that and other things she can’t control.

Yet, Lakeyah took all this in stride and bounced back with the 10 song effort “No Pressure Pt. 2” the follow up to her June release “No Pressure” and this time out she enlists Flomilli, Latto, Icewear Vezzo, Lucky Daye, Gloss Up, and others to bring us her strongest effort to date. 

Say what you want but Lekeyah can rap. And she knows it. 

Lakeyah shares: 

“No Pressure Part 2 is a natural follow up to part one. While I was creating this EP, I wanted it to be a reminder of my lyrical ability and versatility. I have songs for the girls, the culture I represent and a song just in time for cuffing season!”

This may have been a tough quarter for Lakeyah, between label happenings like the signing of Gloss Up, and Icewear Vezzo. The drama with Offset, The Migos, P, and Lil Baby. The ascension of The City Girls, namely Caresha. And then, Nicki Minaj unfollowed Lakeyah on Instagram likely because of perceived slights that Nicki felt were written by Lakeyah in response to her new hit Super Freaky Girl. 

However, the Milwaukee-born rapper has all the tools to be how ever great she wants to be.


1. Maneuver [feat. Flo Milli]

2. Real Bitch [feat. Gloss Up]

3. Worth the Wait [feat. Lucky Daye]

4. Giannis [feat. Icewear Vezzo & Peezy]

5. Record Straight

6. Mind Yo Business [feat. Latto]

7. Brand New [feat. Layton Green]

8.  I Look Good

9.  Pop Dat

10. No Hook

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