4PF’s Lil Kee Reflects on “Automatic”

Lil Kee is expressing through pain and that’s commendable for an artist so young to be brave enough to be so vulnerable.

May 30, 2022 by Vuulm
Lil Kee 4PF

Signed to Lil Baby there shouldn’t be a question of why there seems to so much substance in his music. Introspective lyrics seems to be 4PF’s hallmark. 

Digging a grave under a blood moon, Kee fires off retrospective bars about being present for his family and loved ones, paying a tribute to his late brother repeatedly throughout the song. Looking forward to his ascent to stardom, the Atlanta riser is sure to touch your heart with his lyrical capabilities and unfiltered emotions.

“Ain’t no love between me and them, I just deal with em/ Ain’t no blood between me him I just kill with him.”

Letter 2 My Brother - available everywhere June 3 via 4PocketsFull Inc.

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