GenesisTheGawd “Spazz Out” In New Visual

One of our 22 Female rappers we are watching in 2022. Genesis was an easy choice for the list. Why? Because GenesisTheGawd can rap.

April 12, 2022 by Vuulm
GenesisTheGawd - Spazz Out

She’s better than most new and old rappers and that includes both genders. What’s scary is the fact that she knows it. But what truly makes Genesis a standout is how effortlessly good she is at putting words together, like they’ve never been strung together before in rap music. Her confidence and attitude is not manufactured, she is the total package. Naturally gifted at explaining exactly what she wants, and then delivering the lines in the most eye catching way every time is what makes her memorable. Genesis is different. And she’s not even close to how good she’s going to be. 

Her latest release “Spazz Out,” she makes it apparent that she wants to rap and distance herself from the droves of other girls in the market place. 

“Everybody know b*** That p**** up for hire/ You f**** him, him, him, and him you must be tired.”

Shot by 23DD, Spazz Out shows that GenesisTheGawd doesn’t need a hook, no props, no guys standing behind her, no twerking video models. Just her and bars. Her is some free game, a sure bet is one that is on GenesisTheGawd. 

Check out GensisTheGawd’s verse on Yo Gotti’s Dolla’ Fo’ Dolla

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