Up Next: Top Female Rappers In 2022

It's been an exciting year for ladies in hip-hop and we're excited for what's next to come. Here are the top 22 female rappers we're watching in 2022.

December 23, 2021 by Vuulm
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Kayla Nicole

Montgomery, AL @kaylanicolejones

The powers over at 300 Ent. are not stupid. Always viral. YouTube star. Huge fan base.  Focused on her music rapper, and songstress…equally impressive. For Kayla Nicole any and everything is possible. 


Greenville, NC @thefarrahgamo 

Very confident gritty rapper. Street element talk that is not for the faint of heart. A star.

Big Bottle Wyanna 

Minneapolis, Minnesota  @bigbottlewyanna

Standout from the Cardi B executive produced, all women featured soundtrack “Bruised” she has the personality and skillset to go straight to the top. 


Bronx, NY @dreamdoll

Dreamdoll is continuing to make big moves with heavy hitters such as Fivio Foreign and Capella. In 2021, she rebranded and evolve her sound and now it's just a matter of time before she drops her highly anticipated project in 2022.


Kingston, Jamaica  @shenseea

This recent Donda collaborator and all-around superstar is poised to have her biggest year yet. 

Renni Rucci

Irmo, South Carolina @rennirucci_

A country girl, with a lot to say. Is this the year that she proves that she’s the biggest? 

Tia Corine

Winston-Salem, NC @TiaCorine

Very talent rapper, utilizes a lot of different voices, and different flows there isn’t a pocket she’s not walked in. 

Big Boss Vette 

St. Louis, MO @bigbossvette

If young Trina and young trick daddy had a baby it would have been Big Bossvette. Probably the most ratchet rapper everyone has that one friend…Big Boss Vette is THAT GIRL. 

Mellow Rackz 

South Florida @mellowrackz

Power manager, power entertainment lawyer, signed to Young Money, pretty package, and solid songs should be a sure thing. 

Flo Milli

Mobile, AL @flomillishit

There is something about Flo Milli that everyone loves. Small voice but bigger than life personality. Clear point of view of her world and a bunch clever lines. Flo Milli is a superstar. 

Pap Chanel

Atlanta, GA @papchanel

Very skilled and brash. With the co-signs to back all her shit talk up, which should keep her PAP (Pretty and Paid). Island Records got a winner. 

Day Sulan

Compton, CA @daysulan

Big buzz about Day Sulan. Red carpets, BET cyphers. She means what she says, when she says what he means. Can she keep momentum? Only time will tell. 

Armani Caesar 

Buffalo, NY @armanicaesar

A rapper who cares about bars and respect. What else should we expect from 1st lady of Griselda. 

Nita Jonez 

Houston, TX @nitajonez

Distinctive, slow, lazy familiar Houston flow and drawl. She raps better than good. If cocky shit talkers had a hall of fame she would be on the wall, and on the board. 


Houston, TX @themonaleo

Houston woman rappers are out here making moves. Monaelo is looking to add to that tradition. Very confident and super competitive with her music, sounds like a recipe for success. 


Orlando, FL  @genesisthegawd

GenesisTheGawd is as good as she believes she is…her upside is really high. She writes her own raps and everything she says is believable.


Atlanta, GA @ginadeluxee

A trapper, by any means necessary. Hunger, matter factness, and audacity all in her flow.  Best believe she going to get to a dollar. 


Atlanta, GA @miss.morgzzz

Super Raw, even more confident. Her skill level is high and she knows it. Think Flo Milli but way more street. She released a project this year. The whole project is a sleeper. A great body of work for a newcomer. 


Atlanta, GA @itscruellababy

Raunchy money getter. Booty club anthems are easy for her. Cru puts her money where her mouth is. She's sexy and she knows it, clap your hands. 

Bella Blaq 

Atlanta, GA  @thebellablaq

Word play heavy. Seasoned delivery, not skittish in the spirit of TV bad guy Kanan, “What eva she said she did she did that sh*t.”

Jada Kingdom

Kingston, Jamaica @Jadakingdom

Republic Records signee, Jada Kingdom is a star, IT factor, star factor, edge. Icon in the making. A natural cool that is not easy to duplicate. Dancehall has a new vibration.


Payge Madisyn

Brooklyn NY @paygemadisyn

She makes Brooklyn Drill music, but R&B and Trap. Maybe the sleeper of the list. She’s going to find a melody and put slick words together. 

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