Up Next: Top Female Artists We're Watching in 2024: Rican Da Menace, Connie Diiamond, Honey Bxby & More

These ladies are kicking off the year with raw energy and bars!

January 1, 2024 by Vuulm
Top Female Artists of 2024
Top Female Artists of 2024

ICYMI, here is the 2023 Top Female Rappers We're Watching list.

Lay Bankz, Philadelphia, PA

Known for her unique style and lyricism, Lay is making an impact on hip-hop, especially in Philadelphia. She's been featured across multiple media outlets and is building up a huge fan base. Her recent hits “Girls Just Wanna”, “Ick”, and “Sloppy Seconds” have gone viral across social media.

BreezyLYN, Brooklyn, NY

Signed to 300 Entertainment, the Brooklyn native is making her presence known. Recently, BreezyLyn collaborated with Kali, and NY native Lola Brooke for the viral single "Bad B-tches" which reached over 500k views. BreezyLYN is set to release her debut project in 2024.

ScarLip, Bronx, NY

ScarLip's story and journey is truly impeccable. She is a gifted and talented artist staying true to her roots while delivering rawness and lyricism. Her recent single "No Statements" debuted at #40 on Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop charts.

Rican Da Menace, Baltimore, MD

Hailing from Baltimore, Rican Da Menace is carving her path among the heavyweights of Hip-Hop. Collaborating with artists like Moneybagg Yo, Lola Brooke, and others, she's emerged as a formidable presence. Her music embodies a raw, gritty essence while authentically reflecting the Baltimore sound and her roots.

Vae Vanilla, Michigan

Vae Vanilla has a solid following and fan base supporting her multiple talents. Last year Vae dropped "Heartless Romantic 2" a follow-up to her debut album and it has quickly put her on the list as next up out of Michigan. Recently, Vae dropped a new single "Not Yours" featuring Sada Baby that is quickly going viral, adding to her momentum.

Mama Million, Chicago

Mama Million, hailing from Chicago, is poised to make her mark in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from iconic early drill stars like G Herbo and Young Pappy, her style and delivery bear the imprint of these influential figures. Her rapid ascent to fame among fellow Chicagoans is evident as she steadily grows her fanbase.

Honey Bxby, New Jersey

Freshly inked with Atlantic Records, Honey Bxby is entering 2024 with her distinctive flair and style. Her presence at the BET Soul Train Awards showcased her performance of "Touchin'," a soulful rhythmic hit, on the Amplified stage dedicated to rising talents. Notably, she released her impressive EP titled "3 Words, 8 Letters" last summer, cementing her reputation for melodic prowess and undeniable talent.

Cotiza Billone, Dominican Republic

Cotiza Billone is quickly making a name for herself alongside drill rappers. The bi-lingual artist is known for her witty freestyles going viral across social media. Currently residing in New York, we're looking for what's next for Cotiza in 2024.

Flyana Boss, Los Angeles, CA

You've probably seen these ladies all over social media running across the world. Their viral single landed them popularity amongst fans, brands, and influencers. Hip-hop legend Missy Elliot co-signed the duo on Twitter by admiring their style, influence, and "repetitive" marketing approach,

This old school tactic — if you do a bunch of things, you confuse the audience. They don’t know who you are. That’s why most successful artists have eras and, for that era, they consistently do the same style and sound, so you build a particular fan base

Connie Diiamond, Bronx, NY

Connie is making waves in 2024 as her breakout year unfolds. She recently joined forces with Bronx rapper Remy Ma for the seventh remix of her original track, “Ghetto & Ratchet.” With earlier projects like "Trap Elliot" and "Trappin For The 99&2000," Diiamond crafted a distinctive sound that pays homage to her roots with every verse, solidifying her position as a beloved hometown artist.

Blakeianna, St. Louis

Blakeianna recently joined the 300 Entertainment family. Her viral single "Bing Bong" generated millions of views on TikTok and half a million total streams across music platforms. She's collaborated with other artists such as JT from City Girls, Sexyy Redd, and recently performed at Moneybagg Yo's sold-out show in her hometown St. Louis.

Karrahbooo, Atlanta, GA

Karrahbooo is rapidly shaking up the Atlanta hip-hop scene despite having only a year of musical experience under her belt. Transitioning from Lil Yachty's personal assistant to securing a deal with Quality Control Music group, her ascent has been swift. Freestyling among close friends was always a part of her, gradually propelling her toward popular mic performances across various media platforms and going viral.

Diamond Qing, Harlem, NY

The Harlem queen, Diamond Qing (pronounced KING) is staying true to her roots and making her own way. She has been inspired and influenced by Jay-Z for his demeanor, Missy Elliot for her creativity, Lil Uzi & Takeoff for their cadence, and Big Sean for his crazy metaphors. After dropping her debut EP "Qing of Harlem," Diamond has stayed fierce and solid, collaborating with fellow NY artists and showcasing her talents with multiple freestyles across social media.

Jai Lakell, Chicago, IL

Jai Lakell boasts numerous talents, and music happens to be one of her strengths. While she's just starting to carve her place, she's no newcomer to the Chicago hip-hop scene. Kicking off 2024, she released her debut single "Pressure," featuring Asavv, which is swiftly gaining traction and popularity in her city.

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