Up Next: Top Female Rappers in 2023

Another great year for ladies in Hip-Hop and these ladies are up next for 2023!

December 23, 2022 by Vuulm
Top Female Rappers 2023

ICYMI, here is the 2022 Top Female Rappers We're Watching list.

Lebra Jolie, Houston, TX

Earlier this year, Lebra dropped her self-titled EP "Lebra Jolie" with featured guests Babyface Ray and Rob49. Since signing to Interscope records, she's been busy dropping music and growing her fanbase. It's no wonder she's Up Next for 2023.

Gloss Up, Memphis, TN

The gowrls in Memphis are killling it! Signed to Quality Control Music earlier this year, Gloss came through ready with a hard flow and presence. On signing day, music CEO and co-founder of QC Pierre "Pee" Thomas took to Twitter to say,

“She too hard, plus I love helping the ‘TheUnderDawgs’ get on top. … She so raw and authentic.”

Lola Brooke, Brooklyn NY

It's been a breakout year for the Brooklyn native, with massive success on TikTok, performing at The Barclays Center at halftime at the Brooklyn Nets NBA game, dropping a classic freestyle for Funk Flex, and joining fellow NY native A Boogie With Da Hoodie on stage at his concert -- the crowd sang every word of "Don't Play With It" as well as A Boogie. There is no doubt Lola has been preparing for this moment and 2023 is going to be her year. It's #GattorSZN

Sally Sossa, Houston, TX

At 17 years old, Sally Sossa was dropping mixtapes that put her on the scene. Now at 20 years old, she's already worked with and mentored under Lil Durk. But what is special about Sally Sossa is how versatile she is, from singing to freestyling, Sally is something special.

Big Jade, Beaumont, TX

Earlier this week, Jade dropped "Here I Iz" freestyle just in time for 2023. There's no doubt that Big Jade is going to be making big moves next year. Now signed to Alamo Records, Jade has already made a name for herself in Texas for her notable freestyle abilities and bars.

Stunna Girl, Sacramento, CA

If you haven't heard from Stunna Girl in a while, it's because she's gearing up to drop music for her fans in 2023. Stunna Girl has been on the scene since 2020, receiving allocates from blogs and media about her standout lyrics and raunchiness. However, even though things may be a little quiet now, she's going to be making noise in 2023. Stunna Girl hasn't left us in the dark for too long, she's given us new music all year, and she's working on her creativity and brand for 2023.

Maiya The Don, Brooklyn, NY

The glow-up for Maiya has been great to witness! Her breakout single "TELFY" grew to popularity on TikTok with the #TelfyChallenge reaching over 600K videos. Not only is the New York native staying connected with her fans on social media, but Maiya has also been performing all over the country and recently stopped by Power105 with DJ Self for a freestyle. It's only going up for Maiya, she's going to be unstoppable in 2023.

Nunu Delaunay, Broward County, FL

It's always great to see independent artists gaining fans. Nunu has been on the scene since 2020, dropping music for her followers and new fans. Her melodic voice and catchy lyrics really showcase Nunu's musical abilities. It's clear the talent in Florida is growing rapidly and Nunu is in that pool of talent.

Glorilla, Memphis, TN

Wow, it's been a breakout year for Glorilla. From signing with Yo Gotti CMG/Interscope to her major breakout record with Cardi B, it's clearly been a great year for Big Glo. What's special about Glorilla is her story to success and how her fans can relate to her come up. It's truly been great to witness a talented young woman who did not stop at anything to accomplish her dreams. We're very excited to see what's next for Glorilla in 2023. #LetsGoooo!

Abby Jasmine, Staten Island, NY

Abby Jasmine is true to this, not new to this. The MC has been on the scene since she was 16 years old, gaining fans through social media by posting her music online. Now, she's signed to Cinematic Music Group who saw something very special in her. Clearly, they were right, and Abby has been working on her terms and doing what works best for her. Her recent performance with "On The Radar" clearly showcases her talent and we can't wait to see what she does in 2023.

Bree Runway, London, UK

She's clearly "THAT GIRL", with over 1 million views within the last 2 months. Her sound and music are really captivating because most would consider Bree an R&B/Soul artist. However, it looks like Bree is expanding her potential. Let's not forget, in 2019, Bree received a BET Award for Best International Artist. With music success overseas, she's crossing over into the US market on the charts, and it's looking like 2023 might be her U.S. breakout year.

Cocona (XG), Japan

What's interesting to note here is that Cocona is a part of the trilingual rap-girl group XG. XG dropped a mixtape earlier this year, and the first track on XG's mixtape was "JID" by Cocona. They took social media by storm because of the trilingual lyrics on their mixtape. The viral video reached the TOP 10 on YouTube Chart in Japan and surpassed 3 million views within 10 days. This girl group is definitely talented and clearly can flow effortlessly. This is very different and exciting, and we're going to be watching them in 2023.

Doechii, Tampa, FL

What a year for Doechii! From performing on Jimmy Fallon earlier this year and having a breakout single with SZA for "Persuasive," Doechii has had a great year. She's gained a massive following and streams from her music going viral and tagged in various TikTok trends. No doubt she's going to be busy for 2023, we can expect to see more greatness from the TDE signee.

Kali, Roswell, GA

Kali is growing as an artist and we love to see it. Earlier this year she released her second album "Toxic Chocolate" and performed over the summer at Rolling Loud. Her sound, bars, and flow are unapologetic, always! And we love her carefree f-ck you attitude because is the energy we need for 2023!

Big Mali, North Carolina

It's great to see Big Mali dropping energy and bars, closing out 2022 with a bang. We featured Mali in our Up Next: Rising Artists from The Carolina Series in 2019. But Big Mali is still going strong and dropping hardcore freestyles and music. Earlier this year she dropped her latest album "Redemption" under South Coast Music Group and we're looking out for another project very soon from the talented lyricist.

Shyfromdatre, North Carolina

Shyfromdatre is raw and thorough. She is not afraid to say what's on her mind. Her songs "6000 Degrees" and “Go Best Friend” have gone viral on social media and given Shy popularity in her city. With over 300K followers, her fans are consistently supporting her music and enjoy her personality. Shy is truly talented with lyrics and flow, and her fans love her. We're excited to see what new viral trend she does next in 2023.

And now, the clock starts now for our candidates for 2024! Give it up to all the ladies!

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