Flo Milli Drops "FLO MILLI" and New Single "Fruit Loop"

We last seen Flo Milli early in the year when she released her project “You Still Here, Ho?” Well Ms. Milli is back with something to say and this is evident by her take on Lil Wayne’s classic record “A Milli.”

July 27, 2023 by Vuulm

Draped in Bape, the Mobile Alabama native gleefully, mentions a new deal she signed. Flo Milli is rapping with a renewed eagerness. All bars and no hook like the original, Flo weaves in an out of topics while accusing others of stealing.  

“Copyright my s***  because weird bitches like to steal”

The words and delivery shows that Flo Milli is in a competitive spirit.

And the rhyme schemes display that she wants to be regarded for her skill as a rapper opposed to any other attributes that a lot of her contemporaries may be flaunting. 

With Fruit Loop Flo Milli shows she’s as talented as anyone else in the market place. 

“Uh, make me sing like the BeeGees / Tryna talk big but he got a lil' pee pee / Bitch keep hatin' but she keep me on repeat / Make a hoe leap, uh, uh, call me Nene / Wet, wet, got the good water, bitch, Fiji Melatonin in the coochie, make a n**** sleepy”

It’s apparent Flo Milli has been cheffing up, with more to come, stay tuned. 

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