Tink "Thanks 4 Nothing" Album Review

The ultra talented Tink is this generations Mary J. Blige

February 27, 2023 by Vuulm
"Thanks 4 Nothing" Cover Art

Tink is at her best when she’s being undervalued in her personal life and she pours the pain into her music. She excels when she’s hurt. A kin to what Mary is to her fan base, nobody likes happy thriving Mary. We like hurt, down bad Mary. 

Tink seems to go out of her way to drop in the month of February and it’s not because of Black History. It’s about the esthetic of love that the month provides. And on her latest February release, “Thanks 4 Nothing,” Tink is fed up and money and gifts can’t fix it. The voice is sultry, with pain in every note. The production is helmed by rumored love interest Hit Maka. The two Chicago natives show out. The lyrics are poignant and it elicits thoughts of, “who is trying Tink like this?”

14 tracks, all made with care, disappointment, and intention. Two features on songs that are strong, and they do not over power the project. I’m not going to name the features, nor am I going to tell you what I believe are the stand out tracks on “Thanks 4 Nothing.” You check it out and you let the music resonate with you and your emotions, but I will tell you this; As per usual Tink is raw and honest and she’s seeking love and clarity on “Thanks 4 Nothing,” she’s hurt bad, but word to Mary J, boy does it sounds good. 


Thanks 4 Nothing

2023 · 14 songs · 905 plays

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