Tee Grizzley Drops Visual Album "Chapters of the Trenches"

Tee Grizzley drops a visual album "Chapters of the Trenches" inspired by real events.

October 14, 2022 by Vuulm
Robbery Pt 5

Last month, Tee Grizzley premiered 13 music videos at a private event in New York City, and today he drops his album "Chapters of the Trenches". His goal is to have his fans and listeners feel like they're in the moment -- watching an episode of a TV series.

The stories from visual album are inspired by Grizzley growing up in Detroit. Although "Chapters of the Trenches" is fictional, there is still some sense of truth behind each chapter. Each story shows a reflection of Grizzley growing up, pain, sorrow, struggles, and that's what he wants his fans to feel.

As Grizzley expands on his creativity and director role, he's hoping he can connect with fans across different cities with familiar stories and promote the series.

We've been able to see the first 5 videos for "Chapters of the Trenches", with "Robbery Part 5" being the fifth video of the series.

Directed by Ben Marc, Grizzley is at odds with himself as he learns that a witness from his case has caught amnesia, and after visiting her in the hospital, he ends up caring for her and failing in love.

She Like Boy You Stood By My Side, I Appreciate You, Gon Always Be Your Woman, I’m Gon Always Be Faithful.. And She Ride Everytime I Ride..

However, the witness has her own job to do as she regains her memory back throughout the story.

These are getting good! Fans can watch the "Robbery Series" on Youtube.

"Chapters of the Trenches" is out now.

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