Ray Vaughn Puts Industry on Notice With "Mannequin" Visual

Ray Vaughn can rap. But can he carry TDE?

June 29, 2022 by Vuulm
Ray Vaughn - Mannequin

After making a splash 10 months ago with his classic LA Leakers freestyle Ray Vaughn and TDE took their time and dropping music, only dropping one song Picking Cherries back in April.

But today the good people at TDE Blessed us with the visual for Mannequin and boy does it look and sound like TDE’s streak of picking exceptional talent continues. While driving around a warehouse in a forklift he raps,

“Look my cousin just got rich off EDD cause she finesse/ it’s a crack house around the corner I know she using the address.”

The esthetic that TDE Films delivered  matches the lyrical ability Ray Vaughn showcases.

Ray finds himself in a dream scenario with his homie as Mannequins litter the streets, while multiple hims live in his experience. Ray is a rappers rapper. It’s evident by the music that he cares about these verticals, bars, flow, and delivery in that order. The cherry on the top is he’s a clever wordsmith. Obviously, any time you lose a talent like K. Dot there will be a whole to fill. And at TDE by committee the label should be able to stay.

With a roster that is highlighted by SZA, Schoolboy, Isiah Rishad, Ab-Soul, Doechii, and Ray Vaughn TDE will be fine. 

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