JuJu Blessed Teams Up With BackendChild Mar For His Newest Single “Posted”

From Louisville, KY to Cincinnati, OH, Juju Blessed blends the music he grew with up and the sounds of todays music to create his flows and bars.

July 22, 2022 by Xavvi
juju blessed blackendchild mar

Making a name for himself, because of his storytelling raps where he explores the dangerous world he grew up in. The streets of Louisville were never safe as he saw over twenty people lose their lives, leading him to his eventual move to Ohio. Specifically, the death’s of Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon had the heaviest tolls on Juju’s spirit. After the passing of this brother Dino in a shooting out on the East end, Juju Blessed began his journey of self-discovery, finding music along the path. 


With everything that has happened to the rapper, Juju carries a chip on his shoulder in his songs and delivers with dark tales of his past. His newest track “Posted” finds Juju teaming up with BackendChild Mar to deliver a melodic street anthem. “They be claiming that they real, they ain’t really on they block. Homicides if they talkin’ like they really on they block.” The two artists seem to find an easy way to flow with the beat, never breaking for too long in the track. 


JuJu Blessed ft. BackendChild Mar

2022 · 1 songs · 19 plays

The single is short and sweet, leading to plenty of replay ability and leaving us excited for more collaborations from these two in the future.

“You ain’t never showed me love, yeah you broke it. Time to figure out my path I know I’m chosen.”

Featuring strong bars and honest takes on life, “Posted” is exactly what Juju needs to continue the momentum of his career.

Since really beginning the grind of his music career in 2021, Juju Blessed has done a great job of keeping away from the streets.

In 2022, Juju Blessed signed a deal with OceanFive where he recently dropped his highly anticipated EP “Before The Fame.” The project consists of six tracks with highlights of “Hop In” and “LL Project.

Since it’s release in April of 2022, Juju has been working on more projects that we expect to see in the near future. Along with Juju Blessed, BackendChild Mar also signed with OceanFive in 2022, making it her first deal with the Independent Record Label based out of Cincinnati. Her first release under the label was “Bad Habits” which became a success for her young career. She has since linked up Juju Blessed on several projects such as “O5” and “Posted.” We expect big things from these two artists but are sure glad to have heard this rare gem.

Stream “Posted” on Vuulm and stay tuned to the careers of Juju Blessed and BackendChild Mar.

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