Backend Child Mar Released First Single Under OceanFiveRecords “Bad Habits”

Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the Midwest’s rawest hidden gems in culture and music. Backend Child Mar is proving this true with her undeniable talent and ability to keep her audience captivated.

June 14, 2022 by Myah

The 15-year-old artist just dropped her newest record, “Bad Habits,” and the response is incredible. 

Bad Habits

BackendChild Mar

2022 · 1 songs · 422 plays

“Bad Habits” is her first record released under the OceanFive label. She gets vulnerable over melodic keys, confessing she can’t get her last love out of her mind,

“shawty got me bad tracking, keep coming back to you, shawty that’s a bad habit. I don’t know what to do; shawty got me mad texting.”

She performed the new track at The Garage Fashion Show at the Mockbee in Cincinnati, OH, earning her city’s respect. 

Backend Child gained a buzz in February 2020 when she made her first single, and she’s since collaborated with a myriad of artists, including Bank Boy, Dat1kiddo, and many more.

Her most famous song, “Zooted,” featuring Otm Kam, was released on December 7, 2020, and she’s kept the momentum running two years later. Backend Child may be young, but she’s here to be taken seriously and has no plans of stopping.

She signed her deal in 2022 with OceanFive—an independent record label based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and now it’s only up. 


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