Playboy Poppy Drops “Ride Wit A P” Video

North Carolina is on fire and with all eyes on rappers from North Carolina there is no better time than now for Greenville, North Carolina’s Playboy Poppy to hit his stride.

May 5, 2022 by Vuulm
Ride With A P - Playboy Poppy

The Moyewood Projects rapper recently released his single “Ride Wit A P,” it is abundantly clear that he has something to say. Unlike most rappers, who you can hear clearly their inspiration for picking up the microphone, this is not the case with Poppy. His voice, sound, and perception is unique to him.

Currently there is not an artist that you can compare him to, that wouldn’t be a lazy reach. Playboy Poppy is of his own mold. In the visual for “Ride Wit A P” the ex college football player is now balling in a different way. Shot on an island of the Gulf of Mexico and flanked by four women, Poppy keeps it playa as he explains why his main squeeze is infatuated with him.

It’s early, but Playboy Poppy is doing the ground work to establish his brand’s artistic foundation, which is all that we can ask of a new artist. Coming off the success of his charting EP, "Most Valuable Playa,” #21 on iTunes and #22 on Apple Music), amassing over a million views on YouTube, Poppy is already on his way. 

Get in Tune with Playboy Poppy, he’s next. 

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