Moone Walker is Up w/ “Lizzo” & “Feel’n Myself”

Riding around Orlando Florida with my car radio on WTKS 104.5 I came across the very raunchy Lizzo by Miami rapper Moone Walker.

December 22, 2022 by Jamel
MOONE WALKER Feeling Myself

Rapping about his love and affinity for plus-size women like the plus-size superstar Lizzo, I couldn’t help but hear all the techniques that this new artist possesses.

I was intrigued, and then came the research; Moone’s Lizzo record made its YouTube debut in March 2022, yet the first time I heard the record was in December 2022. That’s nine months of working a record. This is how a record is supposed to be worked. It takes a few months to really get the most out of a single. This allows Program Directors to get enough information on your record and if they should support or how they can support you if you’re single in their market. Abandoning a record because you don’t believe the record was received well upon its initial release is not the way new artists should go about their releases. 

At Vuulm, too many times we see artists release a record and move on to another release before we had a chance to really sink our teeth into it and its individual. By the time we figure out how we can support that particular release the artist has moved on to another release. 

This week Moone Walker released “Feel’n Myself” over a Caribbean vibes record. Moone walks, walks, and walks some more over this track. A competent hook, paired with confident raps. What you get with Moone Walker is an artist that knows he’s ready for all that comes with being next. 

“You ain’t got to gas me up, cause I know that I’m lit”

With effortless skill, Moone Walker makes what isn’t easy look easy, largely because it’s easy for him to do. Stop playing with Moone Walker. 

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