Moe Sets the Tone in “Nah Fr” Visual

Orlando FL, rapper Moe may have just released the song that is going to change his life.

September 13, 2022 by Vuulm
Nah fr Moe

“Nah FR,” features a laid back tonality over deep drums that is unmistakably him. There is a cool confidence to this record that makes you believe that he has the ability to make a big song over and over again. 

Shot on a desolate roof top in downtown Orlando we see Moe doing unsuspecting rivals dirty with a rifle in the “Nah Fr” visuals. 

The song is a vibe, Moe raps, 

“She pleading and begging me please/ She wanting me to fill all her needs. Walk past me you going to feel a breeze/ N**** salute me like the been at ease.”

Moe’s persona is that of the real, associating with real players in the rap game shows that he is recognized by the real. Moe looks the part, outside looking in he seems comfortable around legends and to top it off, Moe sounds like a star. Now it’s just a matter of can he be the star that he has the potential to be. 

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