Fat Money Drops “Introskii” and “400 Degrees”

Fat Money comes in hot with the visuals to represent his two latest singles “Introskii” and “400 Degrees.” The Ye-Cosigned rapper goes into a maniac frenzy of bars over these Cardo Got Wings produced tracks.

April 7, 2022 by Xavvi
400 Degrees by Fat Money

What Fat Money released is a powerful collection of witty bars blended in with engaging visuals from David Camarena. Spanning approximately 2 and a half minutes, the “Part 1” video provides a cinematic experience form start to finish. Beginning with “Introskii,” we find Fat Money telling off his boss at a burger joint. Serving as a great representation of the come up and showing the progress from humble to hungry.

The way Fat Money delivers in “Introskii” gives us an idea of his calm side. With bars to match the tone of the beat, the rapper out of Harvey, Illinois gives us a glimpse of what he is capable of. Now, the transition from single to single is visually pleasant, but the emotional change in beats is apparent. Fat Money comes in with more aggression in “400 Degrees” and the video matches the vibe entirely. He spends his time talking his talk and not caring for what the public has to say. Fat Money reminisces on the struggles of his youth and how it relates to his confidence as an adult. He's been through it and isn’t afraid to share that vulnerability. “400 Degrees” definitely comes in hot with hard bars to match. Although the video is somewhat short-lived, you begin to understand how deep Fat Money’s pen game really is. Every line has a purpose is goes into telling his story in its entirety.

Since receiving cosigns from Kanye West, Pusha T and Antonio Brown, the music industry is taking note of his ability to match bars with the best in the game. Having written alongside of Kanye West for “Donda 2,” Fat Money looks to shed his old moniker and come into the game with a new name, new management in the form of SALXCO, a new label agreement with EMPIRE, and new vigor. Fat Money is ready for his takeover and wants nothing more than to disrupt old patterns in order to make the industry aware of his presence.

400 Degrees

Fat Money

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Both “Introskii” and “400 Degrees” are available to stream so feel free to delve into his world as we add Fat Money to our 2022 watch list.

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