Armani Caesar Drops “Poker Night” Freestyle

Fresh off her set crashing performance with Benny The Butcher Armani Caesar releases the “Poker Night” Freestyle video, and it’s prepping up her fanbase for the drop of her 2nd project, The Liz 2.

April 28, 2022 by Myah
Armani Caesar - Poker Night

The month of April has been busy for Armani Ceaser. She’s Dropped two videos, “Ginger Rothstein” and “Mac and 10s for Everybody.”

On “Poker Night,” Armani spits over a classic bouncy production made of soft keys. The rapper and burgeoning retail mogul talks about her lifestyle, her body, and all the money she’s accumulating.

“Heaven sent, but one hell of a bitch hella thick, wit’ one hell of a switch, bougie bitch from the 716, got the Birkin bag wit’ the metal in it, just left the mall wit’ a truck full of bags, the passenger seat got a felon in it, wrappin’ my legs round the back of his neck.” 

The video places Armani in a hot sauna delivering bar after bar. The visuals also include vintage-style camcorder clips of her at home listening to beats and writing her raps speaks to her overall tone in her music. Armani is different from everyone else on the marketplace. She’s a throwback to the traditional rap femme fatale whose production mirrored the boom bap production of their male counterparts. 

“Poker Night” comes after the reveal of Liz 2 artwork, and her supporters are excited. It’s been two years since she’s dropped The Liz, solidifying her partnership with Griselda records. Griselda is an independent rap collective and record label founded by Westside Gunn. Founded in 2012, The record label is reminiscent of the 90s New York gritty era and added Armani Caesar in March 2020 as their first female emcee. - The Liz was a Classic, Liz 2 is a Masterpiece👌🏾! Playtime over 👑👑👑🎬

Armani Caesar got her start in Buffalo, NY, where she frequented a studio called Buff City and later went on to form a group with the same name. Joining Griselda Records as the “First Lady” only expanded her reach as an artist. Armani is committed and consistently releasing fresh content each week, and with “Poker Night’s” incredible feedback, we know it’s only up from here.

Being featured on our Top Female Rappers We’re Watching list  two years in a row speaks to how excited we are to see Armani win. 

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