P Dope Releases New EP “Icons Never Die”

Baltimore, MD artist P Dope releases highly anticipated "Icons Never Die" EP.

December 13, 2022 by Vuulm

“Icons Never Die” a six-track project that delivers lyricism and tells the story of P growing up in Baltimore. His unique and melodic sound from this project attests to P Dope's growth as an independent artist and rapper. With co-signs from Brian “B.Dot” Miller, commercial placements from Shoe City and multiple films, P Dope is becoming a rising star in his city. Earlier last month, P was recently featured on "Live From The Block" where he delivers a compelling performance for "Reny Talk" off of his latest EP.

"Wealth and abundance every time I talk, Moving bundles every time I talk, Blue face hunnids every time I talk, Over west doing hunnids every time I talk..."

The creative direction for the project also speaks to P's diligence to raise awareness surrounding his community. The album cover for "Icons Never Die" is an abstract portrait of P Dope's brother Doc who fell victim to gun violence before reaching his potential. P Dope sheds light on this unhealed wound in his record "Smoke to the Sky". 

The project is both concise & kinetic that highlights some of his darkest hours while dazzling with wordplay, punchlines as well as sample driven production. With stand out records like “Score”, “Reny Talk” & “Icons” this project is an easy listen with playback value.

“Icons Never Die” is out now.

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