Lebra Jolie Drops “Give U Some” & “Think It’s Funny” Off Of "Lebra Jolie EP"

Lebra Jolie just dropped a self titled seven song EP. And, with only two features Babyface Ray, and Rob49... it’s Lebra doing her.

October 13, 2022 by Vuulm

“Give U Some” gives a New Orleans bounce look with Lebra going crazy on the beat. Rob49 shows up and gives a memorable performance. This isn’t girl gimmick rap, this is what studying and take the time to  develop sounds like. 

A good back in forth rhyme is always entertaining to watch. And Lebra Jolie and Babyface Ray doesn’t disappoint in “Think It’s Funny” video. Lebra Jolie, the Interscope records signee, shows that she’s ready for the spotlight Directed by Diesel Films. This song is both toxic and fun.

Dating is a tricky thing, both parties have expectations and boundaries. Lebra list hers clearly, and Babyface Ray list his clearly. It’s important for both parties to be on the same page before they decide to continue the courtship. 

I don’t do no workers got your boss buying me birkins yeah Bad up in person p*** grip just like a virgin yeah

Lebra Jolie, is from the 5th Ward of Houston.  But she doesn’t sound like it. Her delivery is very much battle rap. She says she looks to battle rap for her inspiration when she gets writers block. Which explains her aggressive delivery. Beyond the fact that she can rap, she's a star. Lebra is managed by Baroline. What that mean? That mean Lebra Jolie is going to win. 


Lebra Jolie Tracklist:

1. Get Me Hype (Intro)

2. Think It’s Funny (feat. Babyface Ray)

3. What Kinda

4. F*ck I Look Like?

5. Give U Some (feat. Rob49)

6. Way Better

7. Deal Closed

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