ManMan Savage

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  1. 1
    Fear It [Prod. By Bryce Castro]
  2. 2
    3 P's (Feat. Mango Foo) [Prod. By RonRon & Cool]
  3. 3
    Do Some (Feat. Maxo Kream) [Prod. By Jgramm]
  4. 4
    Man With The Plan (Feat. Warhol.ss)
  5. 5
    Get It In Blood (Feat. Redd Smash) [Prod. By GhostRage]
  6. 6
    I'm Up Now [Prod. By Kip]
  7. 7
    Ruth's Chris (Feat. Runway Richy) [Prod. By Carte B]
  8. 8
    All Day (Feat. Rob Vicious of Shoreline Mafia) [Prod. By RonRon]

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ManMan Savage