Baby Jungle

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Baby Jungle raps from a place of instinct. He relies on a clear vision shaped by a turbulent upbringing in East Macon, GA, which includes a history of being in the streets. He can paint an intense picture with no-holds-barred detail and intoxicate with an irresistible melody—sometimes and often on the same record. After generating millions of streams and views independently and earning acclaim from Billboard, The Source, All Hip Hop, Dirty Glove Bastard, and more, Jungle’s tenacity and standout talent earned him a deal with Epic Records, where he’s continued to put pressure on the field and the market as he introduces himself as a versatile and vital voice for the culture. In May 2024, Baby Jungle released the first full-length project of his career, the 13-track Jungle Book, the coming-of-age story of a 22-year-old Georgia native who put it all on the line to leave a strenuous life of uncertainty, and subsequently arrived at the brink of stardom. It’s arguably the most important chapter of his story to this point, pun intended.