00 Duck is "Back From the Dead" in Official Video

Duval County Florida, is a hotbed for rap talent at the moment and 00 Duck has next. Some time ago, Duck released Back From the Dead, and he delivered a quality visual.

January 22, 2022 by Vuulm
00duck back from dead

There are a plethora of ways for a person to judge an artist. But the true way one should gauge any artist is by their commitment to their art and craft. When it comes to 00 Duck, he buried himself in this video and then rapped from a shallow grave. Now if that is not a commitment, I don’t what commitment is.

The Shotbyflex directed piece showcases 00 Duck in the ground and refusing. 

The OceanFive signee has a grit to his voice. It’s crystal clear through his delivery, that he’s obviously passionate about the subject matter. 00 Duck is here and he’s supplying a brand of music that is resonating with the whole Hip Hop industry, so it shouldn’t be long before he shows you can’t throw dirt on him or his name in the rap game. 

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