808 Mafia & Epic Records releases Raw Youngin’s Jit Official Video

Next up out of Florida is a jit named Raw Youngin.

December 6, 2021 by Vuulm
Instagram: @rawyoungin

A Jit is Florida slang for a 12-year-old - 24-year-old male. Think of a young street boy whose frontal lobe has yet to fully develop.

Raw Youngin is here to remind us of that. Jit’s official video was cleverly directed by Chris Moreno. The video feels hungry and dangerous, yet playful and youthful. But don’t let the very first shot of the video fool you, Raw Youngin eating a big bowl of cereal, because Raw Youngin is with all action.

The production on 'Jit' is largely percussion-based, which allows for Raw Youngin to get off menacing bars. “You don’t think I was getting for the low cause I’m a git,” he raps “You don’t think I really cut a n*gga throat, cause I’m a jit!”

Raw Youngin has a youthful spirit about him that makes it hard not to root for him. Signed to 808 Mafia / Epic records, they must see in him what we see in him a star.

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