Alabama's Rising Star T James is Up Next

Also known as "King James" is Alabama's Real Rap CEO.

July 7, 2021 by Vuulm
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Representing his hometown Gadsden, Alabama, T James is an artist, songwriter, and producer. He has collaborated with Black Youngsta, Finnesse2Tymes, Rubberband OG, Supa Nard, and Lil Bam, making T James the next major artist to blow up out of Alabama.

Earlier this year, T James dropped his latest project "Trappin Made It Happen", which features the lead single “Tha Hottest” becoming James’ biggest single to date.

The project is an impressive body of work. James’ lyrics and sounds showcase his wordplay and creativity. Recently, James dropped a new single and video for fans “Out The Mud”.

The “Real Rap” mixtape series by T James are his most popular projects to date, where he grew his fanbase and catalog within the independent music scene. He is also the founder of the independent label “Real Rap” working with notable DJs and producers on a consistent basis. Along with fans, we’re patiently waiting and excited to see what T James is working on next as he continues to evolve as an artist.

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