Atlanta Artist T-Guap Talks “The Strip Tape” with Vuulm

T-Guap is an undeniable sensation in every aspect, and proves it on his new project, The Strip Tape. This new tape from one of Atlanta’s brightest underground talents shows how much he can bring to the mic, from energy to intensity.

September 7, 2019 by Vuulm
Atlanta artist T-Guap

In just six songs, T-Guap establishes his unique and fun style that sticks into any listener’s head the moment they hit play. With a new energy unlike anything else in the game, and innovative production to match it, T-Guap has proven he’s ready for the next big step in his music career.

The Strip Tape is meant for the dancers, and every single track on this project brings a whole new energy that can invigorate any dance floor across the country. Whether he is playing a live show or a DJ plays a song like, “Litty”, in the club, T-Guap has what he needs to get a whole room moving.

The numbers speak for themselves, as after just 72 hours this tape has racked ten thousand plays on the new independent streaming service Vuulm.

2019 · 6 songs · 14K plays

Born in Rockford, Illinois, T-Guap never really had one place he could settle down in and call home as a child, as him and his family moved state to state quite often throughout his early years. Music was always there for this artist however, and as life became more challenging — whether it be from having to start over in a new place or dealing with the passing of close friends — he always found solace in sound. T-Guap has been making music every day since his best friend, who initially inspired him to begin his artistic journey, passed away too soon.

This artist’s songwriting talents has been making songs for ten years, and he has always put every bit of his heart into his work. T-Guap’s passion to music and dedication to be one of the greatest is what makes him such a pure talent. T-Guap is only on his way up from here.

What is your musical background (ie. how long you’ve been making music for, how you got into it in the first place, etc.)

Ive been making music for 10 years now. My dad gave me a dr22 beat machine and i learned how to master it in a week. Making beats was first. Then I learned how to record music. I had my lil’ brother in the booth like I signed him, lol. But after that I got better and moved to ATL where its literally a playground for music. Started doing shows heavy. Now I’m on my way to a deal. Music platforms like Vuulm showed me that there are people listening. And music company Brandstreamz has been paving a way for me to shine as well.

Who are some of your greatest influences as an artist?/Which artist (s)- if any- inspired you on, The Strip Tape?

Ima go with Pimp C, Uncle Luke, 3000, Bun B, Lil Boosie, Nipsy Hustle, and Dave East.

Describe growing up in Atlanta.

Im actually from Rockford Illinois. Growing up was hard though. I went to 8 different schools in 3 different states. I had to learn to make friends over and over. I was not a bad kid we just moved a lot. But we lived in war zones on the westside. A lot of my friends either dead or in jail. I feel like music is my way out.

Was your upbringing influential in your development as an artist? If so, how?

My best friend had got a laptop for me and told me “your smart I know you will do great things with this device. So I downloaded all types of programs and got good at recording. Later on that year my best friend dies from a gunshot wound to the head. Ever since then, I’ve been in the studio daily.

What are some of your interests/hobbies/passions

outside of music? I do tattoos, Graphic designer, clothing designer, music, and I’m also a body paint artist.

What can you tell me about “The Strip Tape style”, tone, influences, meaning, etc.

I wanted to do a project just for dancers. I feel that they add on to the energy of my music.

2019 · 6 songs · 14K plays

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