BandGang Lonnie Bands Doubles Down on "Hard 2 Kill Reloaded"

It’s safe to say BandGang Lonnie Bands likes his odds, so doubling down on himself Lonnie is back with Hard 2 Kill Reloaded.

February 28, 2022 by Vuulm

Featuring nine new songs, Hard 2 Kill Reloaded is a declaration that Lonnie is going to be Lonnie.

Hard 2 Kill Reloaded

BandGang Lonnie Bands

2022 · 25 songs · 147 plays

Eight of the nine new songs is him, no filler, no fluff, no features. Just high octane slick talk. With the standout “Bam Bam,” that we’ve previously covered, he’s Brick James, in a red leather vest, and he could care less about your couch. On “No Fakin,” without a doubt one of the hardest songs of the year, Lonnie laments,

Y’all better be lucky that I let y’all keep your Day-Dates, no fake fake.

Needless to say, Lonnie has the time on "Hard 2 Kill Reloaded". 

The Detroit spitter is out to prove not only that he belongs, but it’s hunting season as he raps, “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun,” on “Voodoo.” To quote Jay-z, Lonnie is one of few rappers who is good on any Martin Luther. There is not a market that he can’t go and get to bag on the underground market.

Hard 2 Kill Reloaded is a double down on the sentiment that the self-proclaimed King of Detroit belongs in all conversations that are upper echelon Detroit street music rap. 

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