Chino Cappin Drops Video for R&B Banger “Disrespectful” ft. Jacquees

Fort Valley, Georgia native Chino Cappin recently dropped video for “Disrespectful” ft Jacquees— a track from his newest album “Permanently Scarred.”

March 7, 2022 by Myah
Chino Cappin ft Jacquees

With the two vocal stars on one record, it’s truly an R&B gem, but it’s not all love. Chino Cappin is “Disrespectful” in this new drop.

The two artists remind us just how toxic they can be. With a rhythmic guitar-centered production by long-time collaborator Nash B, Chino Cappin and Jacquees are fed up with the lies and disrespect from their lovers, 

“Why the hell you on my phone with this bulls***? Got me hot, don’t try to hit me with no cool s***. Tired of the lies, girl you preachin’ to the pulpit.” 

Seeking revenge, the two hit the streets to meet with past sneaky links. 

The video directed by Goodfellas, finds Chino and Jacquees spending quality time with lingerie-clad baddies and expressing their frustrations to the same women. Trading harmonious vocals under sultry red lights, the duo show no shame in their flaws as they warn potential lovers to learn from the last one’s mistakes, “Play ‘round me, and I get disrespectful, stiff on these hoes, what makes you any different?”

Chino Cappin’s “Permanently Scarred” is a project close to home for the artist. He addresses old experiences and expands in music. “Disrespectful” is only a month shy of his “Permanently Scarred” and “Ed, Edd, Eddy” video releases. 

Based out of Fort Valley, Georgia Chino has always been focused on his craft. The rapper built a cult following in the Southeast with mixtapes like Cold Hearted and Too Many Losses. 

Chino Cappin is a refreshing change in R&B and Hip-Hop— bringing his confident and sultry street sound to music.

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