Dee Watkins’ “Right or Wrong” Is the Rhythmic Banger You Didn’t Know You Needed

Dee Watkins dropped his latest video on for new track Right or Wrong.

January 1, 2022 by Myah

Immediately the listener is seduced by the strong bass paired with his melodic tone.  Right or Wrong is an open letter to past relationships, traumas and loss. Confiding his conflicting thoughts of his rapid success, discerning friends and foes, as his popularity increases, “It’s like that money came fast, and I ain’t seen it coming, how the f*** I owe you something you ain’t give me nothing.” He reminisces on the experiences that cultivated his story and ultimately brought him the success he has today. 

Directed by longtime collaborator Herve Mompoint, the North Florida native kept the visuals close to home. The video shows Dee in a black SUV riding south toward FT. Lauderdale counting his money—the perfect scene to depict the song’s sentiments.

The Alamo Records signee is steadily growing an excited fanbase with consistent quality releases. Closing out 2021 with two new projects and a series of standout performances opening for fellow Floridian Rod Wave on the "SoulFly" Tour.

Right or Wrong is his first look since the November release of Problem Child 3, Dee’s latest body of work. Problem Child 3 features tracks such as "JPay", "Hurtin’ You" and "Thug in Ya Life" — all vulnerable records. So, while he is a versatile artist, the new Right or Wrong track stays true to his raw southern essence.  

Right or Wrong music video release is a great ending to a pivotal year for the artist. Dee’s career caught wind first in Florida after he shared a remix to Act Up by City Girls collecting millions of streams across several platforms, and it has been only up ever since.

Get to know Dee and stay tuned for his continued rise to stardom.

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