Dusty Locane and Yung Bleu Drop Visual for "What You Need"

Canarsie, BK native Dusty Locane did that with award winning, hit making and soon to be star Yung Bleu. For his latest single “What you Need,” off of Dusty Locane’s recently released project Untamed.
December 15, 2021 by Vuulm
dusty locane yung blu

The No More Heroes-directed visuals show DUSTY and Yung Bleu maneuver through a strip club, serenading dancers as they ponder consummation and create precipitation. Though the video shows a new side of DUSTY, his distinct Brooklyn swagger is on full display in the video. It’s clear that he’s no less at home in the club with beautiful women huddled around him than he is in the streets surrounded by his suvies.

Let’s address the elephant with Dusty Locane the obvious is the obvious. But that doesn’t make what he’s trying to do so different from any of his peers that are in his same boat. All new artists are striving to establish their individual voices in such a noisy musical landscape.

Finding the room to be a voice takes time and grace, from the fans and pundits. But will people look for his differences in his music, instead of focusing on similarities? Only time will tell.