Gearing up with J. Maro

Brooklyn, NY artist J.Maro is preparing to drop his next body of work surely soon.

October 19, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: _maro_bk

“I’m super excited! This next single is definitely going to be a treat to my fans”, states Maro.

When asked how living in South Florida has impacted him, J. Maro stated the following.

“Living in South Florida has been such a blessing. It’s very different from home but the music, culture, and the people out here are amazing. Florida has definitely become a part of my sound”, proclaims the musician.

In the same manner, J.Maro opens up about some of his goals. One specifically recently has been continuing the dialogue of mental health awareness.

“Lately I’ve honestly been working on my mental health…making time for myself and actually living life. Being an artist can be an overwhelming job a lot of the time along with the pressure of trying to make your next song and with trying to keep your fans entertain”, explains Maro.

For many, these sentiments are felt by a wide audience. It is of deep significance to continue the spread of making sure that time can be met for anyone’s needs.

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