GenesisTheGawd Dropped Lick Video, and It’s Ludacris

In September, GenesisTheGawd released the official video for Lick.
January 12, 2022 by Myah

It was this song and video that made it impossible for us to put out a list of the 22 Female Rappers that we’re Watching for in 2022 and GenesisTheGawd not be included. One thing about GenesisTheGawd is she’s not a scary person. - Orlando, FL is as good as she believes she is…her upside is really high. She writes her own raps and everything she says is believable

The Orlando native took, yes took, a classic and made it her own. The official video for Lick features a very obvious sample from the song that introduced one of the Hip Hop’s Goats. In order to remake Ludacris’s and Shawna’s What’s Your Fantasy, audacity is a requirement and T hat’s apparent in Genesis at the first “Yeah” that rips through the speaker. The track mirrors the cadence and flow of the original record, but is even sexier and way nastier. 

Putting a modern spin on Lick Genesis takes the record to a new level from a female perspective and raises the temperature, “He wanna lick, lick me from my head to my toe, but he gotta lick this a**n*** you know how it go.” Female Rappers expressing their sexuality is not a new phenomenon, but it’s refreshing to see so much representation of women dominating and going just as hard as male rappers. Genesis is the product of a generation of women who are not afraid to go there. 

Directed by 23DD the visuals were inspired by What’s Your Fantasy. Taking the heavy showmanship of cars in the south, the video is set as a car wash of beautiful women. Genesis is the focus, spitting about her sexual encounters and unlike the original, the lyrics are centered on her desires, and we’re here for it.

Lick is a track off her EP F*** it, released in November and it’s a perfect addition. With just 6 songs the project is a library of heavy southern tracks like, Nun and Wrap It Up and softer melodic tracks like Ask About Me and Stranded. The marriage of the two sounds makes the body of work sonically special.

Shouldn’t be long before the bidding wars come. GenesisTheGawd is not only good, but she’s ready.