Icewear Vezzo Doesn’t Disappoint in “First 48” Visual

Fresh off his standout performance at the 313 festival hood favorite and the Don of Iced Up Records Icewear Vezzo is back with “First 48.”

March 18, 2022 by Vuulm
The First 48

Vezzo never seems to miss and with that said his average continues on First 48.

The official video isn’t just rooted in what you would think seeing the title of the song. Effortlessly walking over a sample of the theme song of A&E’s hit reality television show by the same name Vezzo talks the price of his Maybach truck, how many years stand up guys got, and for good measure slides in information on how to not give your opps the opportunity while you are using your cellular device. 

You can always count on Detroit’s Vezzo to simplify life for you. 

“Seen a rap b**** play two sides you better know they fake / He got wacked from going live bro put that phone away.”

Returning from his latest effort “Richer Than My Opps,” it’s safe to say his soon to be released “Rich Off Pints 3” is going to have the streets on tilt. When he’s not getting other money in this universe with real estate, cannabis, potato chips, amongst other things, you can catch the burgeoning tycoon getting money in the Metaverse with his own dimension VezzoVerse.

Vezzo is on fire and the sure bet is he’s going to stay that way.

The First 48

Icewear Vezzo

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