J. Lock Releases the Official Video to “City Life”

“City Life” is a single off the his debut LP “Trp Szn.”

December 4, 2021 by Xavvi
J Lock
Instagram: @j.lockofficial

Visuals can at times take away from the lyrics of a song you’re not familiar with. That is not the case here with J. Lock and “City Life” a single off the his debut LP “Typa Szn.” A clean but yet gritty video, the young spitter lyrically moon walks over open production from Chevy, a producer to watch for. Clean drums compliment a mature flow, word play, and cadence. This mashing of producer and rapper combo displays J. Lock’s versatile skillset. 

Some people rap for decades and never get this good. And at the time of the recording of this song J. Lock was 18. Crazy!

As he maneuvers over the beat you can hear J. Lock is going to adapt to his habitat and eat. No matter the sub-genre of Hip Hop you place him in; Be it Drill, Trap, Boom Bap, or hardcore rap, J. Lock is going to eat what he kills. 

Peep his Instagram and it’s obvious that he is a top-notch lyrical talent, but here the Atlanta-based upstart shows it’s now the time for you to pay attention to his ability to make a song.

Verse, hook, verse, and hook and the lines are there. He’s up now and it sounds like he has a lot more coming.

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