Joey Bada$$ is Back For The Win With “THE REV3NGE”

Known for his tight flows and sharp lyricism, Joey Bada$$ returns to the big stage with “THE REV3NGE.”

January 18, 2022 by Xavvi
Joey Badass THE REV3NGE

The Brooklyn-Born rapper brings his skills to a modernized track that has us eager to hear what’s next. Produced by Powers Pleasant, Sucuki, and 1-900, “THE REV3NGE” plays on the concept of an unheralded comeback. Having devoted the last several years to his budding acting career, Joey Bada$$ has provided long-awaiting fans with what they’ve all been anxious for.

Ever since the release of his LP “The Light Pack” nearly 17 months ago, Joey Bada$$ has been hinting at his anticipated return to focusing on music full-time. With the backing of Columbia Records, Joey is in preparation for his next album, but we must remain patient and embrace what has been given to us so far.

“THE REV3NGE” dropped on January 14th, along with a music video directed by Child. With promo consisting of movie-like photographs, the visuals do not disappoint. Joey is back like never before and he’s ready to take the bull by the horns.

“THE REV3NGE” starts off with a beat containing real champion vibes, as if preparing for something amazing. Joey can be seen in a church, watching as violence surrounds him. We find him watching over everything that’s happening and ending it all with a single gunshot.

The confidence he wears on his face is prevalent and leads me to believe that he has a lot prepared for the coming year. With shots overlooking the city and a focus on the seriousness that Joey Bada$$ shows, the music video for “THE REV3NGE” carries itself as a full-fledged movie.

From riding in the back of a classic luxury car and controlling his own personal entourage to sharing intimate moments surrounded in exuberance and flowing between the aisles of a church, Joey Bada$$ exudes power.

“Made it to the top, ain’t no way that they could stop me now.”

Joey Bada$$ introduces a flow and cadence we don’t see from him too often, with some good changes in pitch that gives us the impression that he is continuing to evolve as an artist. This nobody-can-stop-me mentality is exactly what’s needed in the new year.

“Fought through the misery, weathered the storm. Can’t let them get to me, no weapon formed shall prosper.”

If this is what Joey Bada$$ is preparing to deliver in his upcoming album, we will definitely be listening to it with eager ears.

“THE REV3NGE” is available to stream everywhere.

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