Littlejohn4k Is Letting Her Fanbase in With Vivid Visual Releases

This past weekend, we were at #SCUMBAGSEASON Showcase at SXSW in Austin, while covering the event we came across many dope artist, but none as dope as Littlejohn4K.

March 22, 2022 by Myah
Littlejohn4k - 5am

What stood out about her the most was her poise. She was also effortlessly confident, engaging, and determined. We learned this just all in a five-minute conversation. She caught us up to what she’s been up to, told us which songs to check out and this is our take. in SXSW Scumbag Season Showcase by POWTV

Littlejohn4k released the visuals this year for “5AM.” The record is an open letter to her climb to success, real scenarios occurring in her life and racing thoughts that have her up at 5AM. Over soft keys and a melodic flow, Littlejohn4k does not shy away from speaking the truth, “Family hating on family it be the weirdest sh** ever.”

She shares her come up and what it looked like to get it out the mud,

“When I was broke, I hung out with rich friends, I was trying to get rich then, trying to make ends meet on the back end.”  

The video directed by Vdot Films is set in several scenes, Littlejohn4k’s bedroom—a testament to the track’s vulnerable narrative as well as shots in The Project hallway— setting the tone for the rapper’s trap lifestyle. The plot finds Littlejohn4k escaping a betrayal after an attempted drop. The storyline lets her fanbase in as it outlines her life coming up in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“5AM” record comes after a string of drops from Littlejohn4k, including one of the rapper’s most notable records, “Different” featuring Rico Love with over 100k plays on YouTube. “Different” is her 2nd track from her 2021 album Tyesha. The record is a seductive R&B cadence and Littlejohn4k comes in with a clean songful flow. The video is set at a dance studio in Charlotte and follows the rapper as she seduces a dancer, letting her know she can put her on to something she’s never felt before, “I know you adore me, and I adore you, so let’s just become one.” The video closes with Littlejohn4k’s realization that it was all just a daydream.

Littlejohn4k joined the Charlotte-based collective Social Currency Enterprises, founded by Da Baby’s manager Daud King Carter—also co-founder of South Coast Music Group. The team is made up of unique backgrounds and styles.

Littlejohn4k brings a fresh rhythmic sound and a much-needed perspective and representation to music.

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