LUCKI & F1lthy Collab with Some Heat To End 2021

LUCKI fans are in luck this week as the Chicago rapper has released the official video for “2019,” our favorite track from his latest project “WAKE UP LUCKI.”

January 7, 2022 by Xavvi
Instagram: @deadboylife

The track showcases LUCKI finding the negative space between carnivalesque synth arpeggios, which provide the right atmosphere to contrast his artistic stream-of-consciousness styled rhymes. Produced by F1LTHY of Working On Dying, “2019” tells the story of a relationship between a fan and an artist. One that begun on the right foot, but quickly evolved into the complicated connection that laid the foundation for this ambient and smooth song.

LUCKI got together with one of his more frequent collaborators, Lonewolf, to create this dreamlike video. The setting being a beach full of empty beds, where LUCKI searches to reconvene with his companion with no luck as day quickly becomes night. The constant shift of the rapidly moving beds, along with seeing LUCKI appear on a different bed with each scene, creates the dreamy experience we feel Lonewolf and LUCKI were going for. What seemed to be a playful video plays on the idea of searching for something that doesn’t exist.

We come across scenes of LUCKI searching, whether it be from bed to bed or driving around at night while trying to call his lady friend. All the while, she is found on the other line toying with the notion of finding him and feeling enjoyment from the thrill ride they have placed themselves on. You get the sense that although she is constantly evading him, she wants to keep looking back to make sure he’s still chasing. The insistent peering through a magnifying glass allows us to see where both LUCKI and his companion stand on this complicated relationship. “2019” is a hit and we’re glad to see it get the perfect video.

 It’s safe to say that “2019” is great, but there is plenty more to enjoy on WAKE UP LUCKI The collaborative project between LUCKI and F1LTHY spans 12 tracks and continues the 25-year-old artist’s skill in existential and starkly honest lyricism. The flows and melodic touch sit well with F1LTHY’s video game-worthy beats. Favorites from the album include “U.G.K,” which is a certified bop in its own right, and “NEPTUNE V.S INDUSTRY.” The latter is an examination of LUCKI’s role as a “real geek boy in the industry” with a combination of solid flows and an addictive hook.

Having stepped foot in the game at the age of 17, LUCKI has developed an extensive catalogue of beautiful music that leads fans to say things such as “Lucki changed my life,” giving listeners a chance to be heard through his songs. Having been showcased by the likes of Pitchfork, Complex, Pigeons & Planes, The FADER and Stereogum, LUCKI is on a tear through the music industry. Scoring collabs with Lil Yachty, 16yrold, Earl Sweatshirt, Playboi Carti and Chance The Rapper, also makes it easy to see the trajectory of LUCKI’s budding career.



2021 · 12 songs · 345 plays

Vuulm is looking forward to LUCKI’s 2022 and can’t wait to what the young artist creates next.

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