MorgDaCeleb is the Top Under Dawg

Morgdaceleb, has the potential to be one of the most important artist of her generation. That is a heavy statement to place on any artist, let alone a new artist.

January 27, 2022 by Jamel
MorgDaCeleb Baby Daddy

But I see how she wins; there are millions of girls whose plight and lack of representation within Hip Hop would connect to her and her music. She cleverly raps weaving through her pain, trauma, good and bad experiences, while making no excuses for her flawed thinking. - Super Raw, even more confident. Her skill level is high and she knows it.

MorgDaCeleb’s skillset in totality is what makes me comfortable levying that praise upon her. We added MorgDaCeleb to our because there are zero cap in her raps. She has either done it, seen it done, or is capable of doing it, while conveying those sentiments in a way that is both simple yet complicated. One could easily mistake her having fun while rapping as someone who isn’t taking her craft serious.

But, a listening ear would appreciate intricate wordplay, with a clever delivery that showcases elite-level work that she must put into her craft. The crazy part is how easy she makes it look. 

“If you see me with a n**** that’s my cousin, Oops I forgot he was a blood I mean my bussin f*** them kids you can meet me at the clinic, n**** thought I was Jayda yeah b*** I’m Jada Pickett!” 

Breaking down those four bars it reads, “He ain’t my man, but let me socially be aware of who he is and not discount what he is while I’m not claiming him romantically. He can’t trap me, and no matter what I’m going to do me first and foremost.”

Comprised with a total package; skill, distinct voice, great instincts, a smile, and personality that makes it hard for those listening not to root for her. The cherry on top is she has the look and marketability to achieve mainstream worldwide success. 

Talent does not have anything to do with numbers and numbers do not have anything to do with talent. Music industry gatekeepers lazily conflating numbers with talent is a mistake that borders negligence when gauging an artist’s true potential. Judge MorgDaCeleb off of her ability to give you several moments in a verse, and make daring raw authentic rap music.  Not on how an algorithm is working against her and her content. Last year she released a project titled “Harder Than Everybody,” believe her.

Bottom line, give MorgDaCeleb a beat and she’s going eat!

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