Paris Gatlin Drops Visuals “Without You”

Paris Gatlin is dope, been dope, and have fought, scratch, clawed and bled for her dream. There is something to be said about those who didn’t cut corners.

January 15, 2022 by Vuulm
Without You - Paris Gatlin
Without You - Paris Gatlin

Those who ran the miles, and who sung their hearts out. Then there is something very different about those who ran miles on treadmills and sang at the same time. Paris has been doing this for years, in preparation for this moment. Platforms like this were created for artists like Paris Gatlin.

Jackson, Mississippi’s Paris Gatlin just dropped the visual to the super-smooth Without You. A declaration of ‘I’m going to be okay without you,’ to a disloyal lover. Directed by The Shooters is the video shows a class and execution that all artists strive for. The colors are wonderful, the costume is intentional. The absolutely beautiful Paris is displayed in her proper context. The performance is a display of world-class training that delivers the effortless mastery Paris showcases zero fear when attacking the right notes on the way, and most impressively on the way down. Singing is a lot like climbing a mountain. Getting up the mountain is one thing. Getting down that mountain. That’s the scary part. 

Control, her control is otherworldly.  This isn’t guesswork for Paris. There are singers who sing, and then they are singers who know what they are singing and why they are singing the way they are singing. Lower register, upper register, singing out, competent harmonies, vocally there is not a place that Paris isn’t comfortable going. 

All adulation aside, Paris lapped us, she’s been here before. 

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